Message from the President


I wish to welcome you all to our Society

In a blink of an eye, HKSMP is 6 years old.

Counting backwards since our inauguration in 2008, we hold near to 50 big and small events and gather more and more support from the medical field as well as our loyal and supportive friends and sponsors in Hong Kong.

We continue our health promotion collaboration with the Hong Kong Police Force and for the third time, we participated in the annual PHM Day in Mong Kok on 21st April 2013.

We started the “Operation Morning Sun – Care for the Disadvantaged” (晨曦行動 – 扶弱濟貧) 「 攜 手 扶 弱 基 金 」 Project with two full time staff employed in 2012. This is a 4 million project as a matching fund with business corporate. There will be 5,500 beneficiaries under the following categories- Deprived Elder
–          Families or individuals receiving CSSA
–          Families living under poverty line
–          Single parents with low income
–          New emigrants and ethnics with financial difficulties
–          Families and individuals with marginal income with poor social network

Up to now we have already donated all our rice cookers and 2kg rice package to the poor and we are working hard on the volunteer project visiting 1000  poor and needy people or families in Hong Kong.

We also raised HK$200,000 on moon cake campaign in 2012 and the fund will be used to purchase telelvisons for the disadvantaged.

HKSMP continued to hold successful annual events like the free health check, health talk, medical consultation and Pun Choi (盆菜宴).  There were altogether over 1000 disadvantaged citizens of Hong Kong served at the Pun Choi and everyone received a “Joy Luck Bag” 大福袋 consisting of rice, cooking oil, noodles and sauces.

For the last three consecutive years, we made full use of our Easter Holidays to do medical volunteer work in Mainland China like 東莞 and 南寧. Many docotrs and dentists particiapted and we also recruited college students as volunteers. We offered free health consultation and dental check for over 3000 factory workers there.  Our society is growing in strength; we have more than 300 members and there are younger members joiining us as well.

Time after time, our directors, members and friends of HKSMP came to support us full heartedly despite their own busy schedule. I am forever indebted to every one who has giving up your precious time for the good of all.

Founding the society taught me that living well and fully experiencing life means confronting the question of our purpose and meaning. On the other hand, it is important to seek a balance and not get deadly serious about the whole matter, for, as the saying goes, life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. To me, it is an enjoyable journey on top of the usual daily core and making all our lives more colorful.

For what ever we do in life echoes in eternity!

We have met many friends searching for the same dream!

Dr Bernard Kong



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