Mission Statement

HKSMP is a charitable organization and her main objectives are:

To be a political neutral platform for medical professionals in promoting a strong and positive public image in Hong Kong as one of the core groups with civic responsibility striving for a harmonious society

To provide a forum for medical professionals to care for the needy, under-privileged, social deprived and the poor

To promote, foster, develop and assist medical, nursing and allied health professionals in the study of and the acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge and information in the field of medicine and health

To stimulate and build public interest in the importance of attaining a healthy and prosperous society

To promote fraternity and fellowship among medical professionals

To act as a consultative organization to various government and non-government bodies in areas of medical and health issues

To establish a close liaison with medical and health organizations having similar interest and aims in China and other countriesTo promote better opportunity for medical professionals working in China via CEPA


「醫專會」提供一個平台,聚合醫療專業人士關懷和扶助貧弱社群,傳遞愛心,扶危 濟急,踐行慈善仁愛倫理,促進醫療專業人士與市民的溝通,促進一個更融洽和健康的社會