To support the charity work of Hong Kong Society of Medical Professionals,

Hong Kong Society of Medical Professionals Charitable Foundation (HKSMPCF) is established on 28th August 2008.

Meidcal Professional Foundation (MPF) in established on 23rd May 2011

Both are recognized as charitable institutions of a public character with exemption from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance

The objectives for which the Foundation, a non-profit organization, is established:

a)     To advance and promote learning and education in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world, to promote, execute, carry out or engage in cultural educational activities and if thought desirable to found
and promote scholarships and to give awards, prizes, certificates and diploma;
(b)     To establish, operate and conduct non-profit making research institutions, schools, universities, places of learning, hospitals, medical institutions, charities of all kinds and to organize lectures, exhibitions, public meetings, classes, group discussions and conferences and to publish and distribute any newspapers, magazines, leaflets or other publication in connection with the objects of the Foundation;
(c)      To give, donate, bequeath whether in kind of funds or material needs e.g. food, drinks, medicines, etc., to non-profit making hospitals, medical institutions, schools, universities, educational or research institutions, religious organizations and charity of all kinds and to any person, corporation or institution for the advancement or to the attainment of the objects of the Foundation;
(d)     To establish, undertake and contribute to any charitable funds, from whence would be made donations to deserving persons in Hong Kong and China who may be affected by or suffered from natural disaster